What is Project EPIC?

Project EPIC is a collection of people performing small miracles for others. If you have received a card, post your story. We'd love to hear it. Click here to learn how to post your story on this blog. For information on how to receive cards to share with others, please contact

Project Epic!!!

My life has been a rough patch the last years and for the first time I have found joy through making steps to grow. This sunday I recieved an anonomous envelope with a card that simply told me they heard I was starting school up and they hoped this would help. Enclosed was 50$. They

Project Epic Story

Knowing of me and my families struggles and heartbreak over the last few years, a very amazing woman named Amber Webb brightened my life today !!! Her gesture made me remember that there is always hope, even in our darkest times. So many days I put on a happy face and pretend everythings okay, when