Project Epic!!!

My life has been a rough patch the last years and for the first time I have found joy through making steps to grow. This sunday I recieved an anonomous envelope with a card that simply told me they heard I was starting school up and they hoped this would help. Enclosed was 50$. They had no idea I needed that money so bad to buy my text book. I cried for 30 min straight. THANK YOU. how E.P.I.C. is that?!?!

Project Epic Story

Knowing of me and my families struggles and heartbreak over the last few years, a very amazing woman named Amber Webb brightened my life today !!! Her gesture made me remember that there is always hope, even in our darkest times. So many days I put on a happy face and pretend everythings okay, when in fact it is no where near okay ! Amber opened my eyes and made me see life in a different light today ! It may only happen in baby steps, but little by little, I will pull me and my family out of the darkness and into the light…… Thank God for the special people in our lives, they make us believe in hope again